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PPHCSD  Alex Brandon is an elected Director of the Phelan Piñon Hills Community Services District .

Aid... those in distress.

Honor... those who serve.

Comfort... those in need.

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Let Rev. Dr. Alex Brandon

help grow your faith.

Growing your faith in the Lord is rewarding when you have a faithful Shepherd.  This Ministry is  led by Alex Brandon; he has spent nearly

forty  years as an ordained Minister of the Gospel, ten years in Chaplaincy and seven years as one of two Bishops in his primary denominational affiliation.  He is also a local elected representative in the communities he serves since 2011.  Come along on his life long learning journey and he will pray for your ​"Every Blessing."  

Old Baptist Union

Visit our denominational website and discover "An Idea Whose Time Has Come... Again."


Daily Prayer

Non-ABM  site provides a faith deepening devotion every day.


The US Conference of Chaplains may just be the way to help express yourself in your own ministry. 

Evergreen Lutheran Church

With dual standing in LOC (the Lutheran Orthodox Church denomination), Alex Brandon serves as Associate Pastor at this independent Lutheran congregation in Phelan, CA.


Whether it is through traditional pastoral roles, significant volunteerism, ministering to others through your regular job, lay-leadership, a local church community, a fraternal or civic organization, or your own family - these  opportunities for representing your faith and Christ's example through service to others present themselves everyday.


That’s where Alex Brandon Ministries comes in. We provide training, resources, networking, and help to point you toward some of those opportunities.  Everyone has a ministry.  Let us help you find yours.